Building Focus: Willard North

November is a month to reflect and be thankful.  Willard North can definitely count their many blessings as we work towards WN Turkey Trotour personal, healthy living goals.  Our building put together a team to run/walk at the Willard Care to Learn Turkey Trot.  There were a total of 19 co-workers and/or family members that participated in this charitable event for Willard’s Care to Learn.  The building showed great character to help give back to our community.  The Willard North Turkey Trot team was recognized with the Team Spirit award for their Indian themed outfits on Thanksgiving morning. 

Congratulations to the staff that participated in the “Fill the Tank”  water challenge! This challenge helped staff form and maintain meaningful new water drinking habits that we hope they continue to carry forward. They not only met their building goal of 14,080 oz. of water, but exceeded that goal by drinking a total of 28,056 oz. of water. Great job!  Our tank overflowed!!  Congratulations to Mr. Gugel for being our lucky winner for the $25 gift card drawing.
Their next monthly challenge is for each person to walk, jog, or run a total of 15 miles over the next three weeks.  Each person that reaches the goal of 15 miles in 3 weeks will have their name put in a drawing for a chance to win a gift card.  
Thursday the 3rd began the countdown of 12 school days until Christmas break.  Mrs. Gehring gave us the great idea to do the 12 Days of Wellness Challenge.  The WN coordinator, Christy Pyle, has challenged the staff each day for 12 days.  For example, on the first day the wellness coordinator challenged the staff to a one minute plank.  The two pictures below show Mrs. Hambey and Coach Bills completing the first day challenge.  They were being timed to hold a plank for one minute.  For each challenge that staff completes, their name will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate.  If you complete all 12 challenges, your name will be placed in the box 12 times!
Bills Plank Hambey Plank
    WN has also offered a couple of Willard University classes for anyone in the district to participate in:  
  • Circuit Training – A full body circuit training workout on Thursdays that incorporates both resistance training and cardio on Thursdays from 4-5 pm. 
  • Watercolor Basics – Offered for teachers to experience a bit of mental wellness.  Participants are led through the step-by-step process of painting a seasonal tree with watercolors. Look for more information to come about the next stress relieving watercolor basics class on Willard U!

Willard North is striving to meet a healthy living lifestyle. They will continue with monthly challenges to ring in the new year.  Way to go Willard North staff for taking fitness to a new level!  Keep up the hard work and determination.


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