Building Focus: Willard South

Willard South hit the new year running with a focus on their personal wellness in 2016. During the first 8 weeks of the year, they did a Slim Down to Spring Break Weight lossWeight Loss Challenge.  Each person set their own weight loss goal and paid $10 for a chance to win the pot of money. Congrats to Lindsay Wallace who met and exceeded her goal, losing the highest percentage of weight, and winning the money! Several others were within a few pounds of meeting their goal.

In February they did a Fit February Challenge. Eight teachers completed 15 or more days and everyone who participated won a pass to wear jeans and a Trail Mix snack.  Several of the classes also chose to get involved. Mrs. Hayter’s class even completed all 29 days of the challenge!

Fit Feb
South also has a small group that meets weekly TuesdayThursday after school to work out for about 30 mins.
Their final challenge for the year will be “Move Your Shoes” Challenge.  They’ve created a team called, The Step Sisters and plan to log their steps for the next 30 days.  They will try to reach a goal of walking the distance of I-44 and back which would be 1,268 miles as a group.  When they make it back, they’ll celebrate with Route 44 drinks from Sonic.

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