Setting Goals for the New Year

wellness goal

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in school almost a month already. Many of us will soon be setting our personal wellness goals for the school year – if you haven’t already! How did you do on last year’s goal? Can you kick it up a notch this year or have another area of personal health you want to focus on? All certified staff will include an individual goal on their professional development plan. Non-certified staff will share their goal on a form shared by their supervisor.  Have questions or would like some help setting a goal? Interested in taking it a step further by teaching a Willard U wellness class to help others? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our building wellness coordinators:

Central Elementary – Heather Wallace

East Elementary – Christina Nuttall

North Elementary – Christy Pyle

South Elementary – Jamie Roweton/Clara Hayter

WOHE – Lyndi Pilch

Intermediate – Emily Gehring

Middle School – Katie Wright

High School – Jon Gold

Specials Services, Central Office & Transportation – Kathy Duncan

Let’s get our wellness on!


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