September is National Yoga Month

Did you know…

September is National Yoga Month?!  According to the Yoga Health Foundation website, “yoga isn’t just a physical exercise program. It is a scientific system designed to generate greater clarity and harmony in life.  With regular practice, individuals often notice a stronger, slimmer and more flexible body, in addition to a mentally sharper, more patient and relaxed sense of self. ”

I have attached a link to an article from Yoga Alliance (the licensing association for yoga teachers) about the different types of yoga.

Locally, Zeal Bodywork’s & Squatting Monkey fitness offers yoga classes as well as other exercise programs.  The first visit is free!!

Squatting Monkey Class Schedule

Time Monday Tuesday Wed. Thursday Friday Saturday
6:00 am Pilates w/DJ Pilates w/DJ
9:00 am Yoga w/Dan Yoga w/Dan Yoga w/Dan
1:00 pm Kickboxing w/Dan
2:00 pm Ashtanga Yoga w/Denton
4:00 pm Art Class w/Tony
5:00 pm Tumbling w/Alyssa
Core w/Denton
TKD w/Mark Gentle Yoga

w/ Tami

TKD w/Mark Kickboxing  w/DJ
Little Warriors w/Alyssa
6:00 pm Tiny Tumblers w/Alyssa
Running w/DJ
TKD w/Mark
Yoga w/Denton
Tai Chi w/Tony
Yoga Flow w/Tami
Running w/DJ
TKD w/Mark
Yoga w/Denton
Ashtanga Yoga w/Denton
Tumbling w/Alyssa
Running w/DJ
6:35 pm Tumbling w/Alyssa
7:00 pm Yoga


Kickboxing w/DJ Kenpo w/Tony
Pilates w/DJ
Kickboxing w/DJ Sparring w/Alyssa
*Belly Dancing w/Jen

*Belly Dancing- Second Friday of the month

**Tumbling classes- First and Third Fridays of the month


Also enjoy some free yoga online at your leisure with Jason Crandell:

Morning yoga:

Yoga for noon:

Yoga for restful sleep:

Beginners 15 minute practice for relaxing:


Kathy Duncan RYT 200.



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