Spotlight: Willard Middle School

slide1There are several things to spotlight at Willard Middle School this month.  First of all, the staff members have been participating in a monthly point competition which continued this month.  They can earn points for making healthy choices like exercising, eating healthy, taking time for themselves, going to the doctor, weighing themselves, etc.  If they eat a minimum of 5 fruit/veggie servings for 5 days of the week throughout all of February they earn a bonus of 100 points.  At the end of the month, everyone who met the goal of 200 points is entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card, and they will earn a comfy clothes day in March.

Along with the points competition, staff were given an extra challenge this month, “Fit February”.  For each day of the month, there are 3 exercises to complete all with varying repetitions.  The goal is that throughout the month you build strength and endurance as the repetitions start small and grow.  slide2For each day a staff member completes the exercises, he/she is entered into a drawing for prizes.  If staff members complete at least 15 days, they will earn a comfy clothes day in March.

Finally, the class “Just Dance” has been taking place after school on Wednesdays.  Several staff members from the middle school and high school have been participating.  The workouts include all types of dance with the goal to get your heart rate up and burn calories.  At the end of each dance workout is an ab workout to add a little strength training to the routine. 



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