HRA 2016 & Flu Shots

Cox Health will offer the district health risk assessments and flu shots on the following dates for school employees:

November 2 – High School (6:00-10 am)

November 3 – Middle School (6:00-10 am)

November 9 – Intermediate/North Elementary Location (6:30-10 am)

November 21 – South Elementary (6:30-9:30 am)

November 22 – Central Elementary (6:30-8:30 am)

The HRA is offered free to insured employees.  Employees not on the school provided insurance may also participate in the HRA for a cost of $30.  All employees who participate in the HRA or provide evidence to their school nurse of a full physical with their primary dr. will receive a free Willard Employee Wellness t-shirt designed by a Willard High School art student.

In conjunction with the HRA’s, Cox will also offer flu shots at all locations. These shots are provided by the school at no cost to permanent employees over the age of 18.  Your spouse or dependent over the age of 18 may also receive the shot for a cost of $30 each.

Registration Site:  Cox Health Express (New web site as of 10/28/16)

  • Instructions to Create an Account on the New Web Site – This is for people claiming their previous account in order to view results or their first time logging in to sign up for an appointment.
  • Returning to the NEW web site now provided by Cerner Health (as of 10/28/16) to view your appointment time or view HRA results? Sign in here.
  • Be sure to complete the online personal health assessment as this will help us reach our 25% goal to receive more prizes through the Cox Health incentive campaign.


-All employees who participate in the HRA or show verification of a yearly physical will receive a Willard Employee Wellness t-shirt for 2016-2017.
-Cox Fitness Center has donated 1 full year gym membership. This will be given away in a drawing to one lucky participant who completes the HRA or yearly physical.
-Cox Health is also running an incentive campaign. If we have at least 25% of our staff complete the online health questionnaire and do the HRA, there could be even more prizes in store we will give away in our drawing!
Details for the Day of HRA/Flu Shot:
*Bring your insurance card.
*Fasting required for a minimum of 10 hours for HRA. May drink water, but no eating or drinking anything else. Drink plenty of water for a day or two before the test.
*Employees must complete a release the day of HRA to get results sent to their primary doctor at Mercy.
 *Be sure to sign in and give your t-shirt size!
*Results will be available online 1-2 weeks after the HRA date.
*People receiving the flu shot must bring their completed flu shot form and consent form with them that day. You may also review this vaccine info sheet for further details about the shot.